The Complete React Developer Salary Guide For 2022

Built In Colorado is the online community for Colorado startups and tech companies. We are looking for a React Native developer with experience and passion for building performant iOS apps. A. The fast rise of apps and companies necessitates the competence of frontend developers. The market isn’t yet saturated, so now is an excellent opportunity to get into this field. According to Neuvoo, the average React Developer income in the United States is $121,992 per year ($62.56 per hour).

  • Keep in mind that if you apply for job in one city while teleworking in another that your pay will be subject to a cost-of-living adjustment.
  • Often, salaries can vary according to the company you work for, though Glassdoor shows fairly similar averages for pay for a React Developer from company to company.
  • The team’s existing interfaces are written in TypeScript and JavaScript with a heavy emphasis on React.
  • The average React developer salary in the US is $97,858 per year.
  • Jobs platform Indeed is one of the most anemic tools to search for, stripping away options for technical language, and seniority and only allowing for more generic job titles and geographic choices.

According to Glassdoor, the average pay for a React developer in Berlin is €53,388 ($63,000). Top earners in the area make more than €63,000, which is $75,000 in USD. According to researchers, React developers may typically charge $ per hour, which varies depending on where the developer is based.

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The go-to instruction manual for every developer on Earth is also the most granular in the salary information it offers. We looked broadly at the United States for React developers with bachelor’s degrees and zeroed in on the middle group of pay rates. We partner with various construction industry organizations to build custom software development solutions.

Read more about how offshore software development costs are formed here. Like many other positions, location can affect the average salary. With a lot of technical jobs going fully remote, it may seem like location may not matter as much, but the location of the company you work for still plays a big role. Plus, many remote-friendly companies have specific salary bands based on an employee’s location — meaning, cities with higher costs of living come with higher salaries . The tech jobs site Dice is less granular in what it allows users to search by.

React Engineer salary

Whether you’re hiring an in-house React developer or a remote resource for your company’s needs, you must evaluate these factors before finalizing the salary. The estimated total pay for a React Developer is $107,955 per year in the United States area, with an average salary of $87,762 per year. These numbers represent the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and based on salaries collected from our users.

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Since it’s pretty expensive to hire developers locally, many companies prefer to look for talents overseas. Luckily, technology allows for that and you can get the same quality product even if your entire team is scattered around the world. To help you get a better picture, let’s compare React.js developer salary globally. Front-end Mobile iOS App Developers are desirable candidates because the iOS platform is one of the most popular for mobile app development. This means that there is a large market for iOS apps, and companies are willing to pay top-dollar for qualified developers. This includes global demand, skill level, type of project, market statistics, and so on.

For React jobs, a developer may charge differently based on the expected duration of their job. Normally, working in a large corporation is more likely to earn you a bigger salary, no matter if you are a junior, mid-level, or senior React developer. This professional demands fundamental practical language knowledge, experience, and the ability to apply it all in practice for notable results.

Jobs platform Indeed is one of the most anemic tools to search for, stripping away options for technical language, and seniority and only allowing for more generic job titles and geographic choices. In fact, unlike other services, a city is not optional, it’s required. In some instances, a well-established company with more industry experience will pay you less than a start-up or a company still finding its feet in the market.

React developer salary in the UK, India, Italy, Germany, France, and Canada. You can get detailed information about ReactJS developer salaries in other countries on the internet. The figure will vary from website to website, location to location, and company to company.

Learn more about our current job openings and benefits of working at FSL. Try another search query or take our salary survey to get a personalized salary report for your job title. Bluelight Consulting is a nearshore DevOps & Software Outsourcing company that helps startups, SaaS, and enterprises with cutting-edge solutions.

We are looking for an inspired, motivated, and experienced React Developer to join our team. We’re using the latest technologies including React, ES6 JavaScript, pub/sub architecture, and a clean component-based approach to deliver reusable, innovative, and responsive experiences. Web performance and accessibility are also key concerns because of their respective importance to user experience and perception of a premium experience. Collaboration, knowledge sharing and learning, and a willingness to contribute to and follow the team’s conventions are considered the framework of our team dynamics. Our goal is to deliver quality products while ensuring our code base and tools are flexible and maintainable.

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The average Front End Developer salary for women is $86,262 and the average Front End Developer salary for men is $95,233. Experience with the Atlassian suite of tools – JIRA, Bitbucket, Confluence, etc. Time management, project management, communication, and interpersonal skills are all important. Having strong knowledge of JavaScript, object models, DOM manipulation and event handlers, data structures, algorithms, JSX, and Babel is a must. A bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or a related field is preferred. To coordinate with several other teams working on different layers of the project.

React Engineer salary

View projects implemented using this javascript framework ideal for building complex, modern user interfaces within single page web apps. When it comes to finding information about React developer jobs and prospective salaries, Indeed is one of the least granular yet reliable sources. It is considered less detailed since it does not provide options for technical language and seniority.

What Is The Average React Developer Salary In The Us?

With only 10 hours a week of online education, you can earn your Nanodegree program in as little as four months and be well on your way to becoming a React developer. However, if you could see yourself as a React developer someday , you can begin the journey to your new career today by taking online classes. “The website and branding have met praise from customers, leading to more work for Fireart Studio.

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Exceptional time management skills and solid interpersonal skills are also essential. React developers moving to London can expect to earn £43,312 ($56,550), according to Glassdoor. Surprisingly, the average salary for programmers is around $20,000 less a year than many other places in the world, but the cost of living isn’t significantly cheaper. For developers, changing jobs and planned career growth are two of the most popular income-generating options. Both clients and developers may appeal to the digital product agency assistance to increase the chances of working at projects on a better level. Companies should consider hiring a React developer if they need to build dynamic and responsive UI for their web interfaces.

Also, find more on senior react developer salaries with a React Developer Salary Guide. When hiring internationally, you widen your pool of candidates, enabling your company to find team members with the skills you need in other parts of the world. International hiring brings its own challenges, though, as you need to learn about the local laws in the countries where you want to hire. For Serbia, in addition to providing salary data by job roles, we’ve gathered resources to help you learn what to expect when it comes to employment laws, compliance, and more.

So yes companies are using React JS and if the current trend continues then React JS will be in the market for the long term. For entry-level professionals, the average pay might be less but as the person gains a more deep understanding the pay scale gets better and an expert can earn up to Rs 18,00,000 per annum. There are a slew of apps and websites utilizing this technology that are ready to launch. It’s an exciting moment to be a React.JS developer and learn about web technologies.

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Similar factors also shape average React developer salaries in the US. To give you a full picture, we’ve put together a comparison based on salary data across the US from different sources – including PayScale, Neuvoo, and ZipRecruiter. React developer Front-end React Engineer job salary in the US market is dependent on the state, job role, company, and project. It is also one of the highest-paying markets for remote developers. This is because React professionals in the US have greater exposure working for global companies.