Windows 11 vs Windows 10: Should you upgrade?

The user’s name now appears on the “Family & other users” accounts page. You should be an administrator to change the group of a standard user. Please log in with an account with administrative privileges and then try to change the group. When Windows 10 is set up for the first time, you need to create an account. This profile is set as the administrator account by default. If you’d like, you can grant admin privileges to any account on the machine.

Press Win+Alt+PrtScn to take and save the screenshot of the Game window. You will have the option to share the screenshot with some of your Windows Store apps that support this feature. If you need to mail the screenshot, you can select Mail, for instance. The Snipping Tool has been a Windows component for long. It was launched with Windows 7 and is continued.

There’s a short load time of about 5-10 seconds when loading up your first Android app, but once that’s done, launching subsequent Android apps will launch basically instantly. Microsoft has made several key improvements, and one notable regression, to the touch-first experience on Windows 11. Unfortunately, its integration with Windows 11 feels a little rough around the edges. The flyout on the Taskbar feels native enough, but chat windows pop out into their own window in the corner of your display, not where the chat flyout is.

Method 1 of 5:Using the PrtSc Key to Capture the Whole Screen

There’s a new Auto HDR feature that’s arrived from the Xbox side, and it automatically improves compatible games where developers haven’t added HDR support. Microsoft is also adding DirectStorage support to Windows 11, the same system that’s used on Xbox to improve load times from SSDs in compatible games. Microsoft’s new app store is another welcome improvement in Windows 11. The Microsoft Store has sucked for years on Windows, and it barely listed any of the apps you actually wanted to install on a PC. That’s starting to change in Windows 11, thanks to Microsoft making some big alterations.

  • For example, the emoji menu (Windows key + .) now includes Tenor for inserting gifs and also bundles in your clipboard history (Windows key + V) for pasting.
  • Android app support opens a whole new app ecosystem up to Windows users.
  • Additionally, you can’t disable the Recommended area if it’s something you know you’re not going to use.

The Standard and Administrator user types are listed below. Select whatever you need and as the last step click to the Change Account Type button to make the new user type active. Double-click the username from the list of local users to open account Properties.

Cant record full screen only games with bandicam

In this article, we will discuss about enabling the hidden administrator account in Windows 10. The same also applies to Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. PressWin+R to open the RUN box, type in ‘control panel’, and press Enter. With the bootable USB plugged in, restart your computer. When your system is loading back up, before the Windows logo appears, wait for the message about pressing a key to select Boot Device.

Not every PC will be able to run these apps, as the overhead required is significant. Microsoft recommends 8GB RAM at least, but says you’ll have a better experience with 16GB RAM, which I agree with. The Android subsystem is heavy, frequently eating up 2GB+ of RAM, more if you have multiple Android apps running at a time. Regardless of the app situation, the actual emulation of Android apps works surprisingly download well. I’ve tested a few games and apps, and all run as if they were performing natively on my device without having to run Android in the background.